Creating advanced technologies for extremely efficient hydrogen production

how we are revolutionising our electrolysers

Advanced power control

Our power technology leads to breakthrough how we power the electrochemical process of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Optimised cell and stack architecture

Our system is designed to increase the operational lifetime and reduce maintenance costs and downtime compared to traditional electrolysers.

The AVOXT Energy Control System

This system functions as the brains behind our hardware solution. It maximises the number of operational hours and helps overcome the fluctuation challenges of green energy input.

meet The team

Ton Rademaker


Pascal van Bakel


Abhay Patel

Mechanical Engineer

Loes Wijnoltz

Lead Material Scientist

Tim Josten

Mechanical engineer

Dainora Šimkūnaitė

Jr. Mechanical Engineer

Lars Brink

Jr. Chemical engineer

Our advisors

Our Partners

Together with our partners, we are pushing the boundaries of every aspect of our electrolyser systems